Welcome to Heal From the Ground Up! I am Michael Hsu (life coach, holistic health practitioner, and love activist). My practice is named Heal From the Ground Up because my goal is to target the root of all your experiences, struggles and aspirations. Only then can you experience everlasting peace, freedom and transformation.

Heal From the Ground Up targets the three pillars of our human self.

  1. Emotional Strength
  2. Physical Wellness
  3. Global Purpose


There is a lot of emotional pain in our world because we do not target the root of it. Why do we choose what harms us no matter how much we know what is right? Why do we know we are good enough yet feel worthless? This is often because the pain we feel is the pain of our past. Pain does not happen spontaneously, it has its root in our past, and specifically our childhood. The pain we feel right now is the same pain we felt in our childhood. It is this pain that is stored in our subconscious controlling how we think, feel and act. Until we heal the root of our emotional pain we will continue to uncontrollably suffer.


Understanding how I healed myself emotionally is a great way to understand what I offer my clients.

I grew up with a mother who had severe panic disorder. She would make up in the middle of the night to comfort her. I saw her cry, scream and hyperventilate. It was as if she was dying. Because I was born a highly sensitive child, I could feel her pain immensely, but I was too young to use my gift of sensitivity. I went into survival mode as a child, and made her pain my pain.

Two years ago, my fiancee asked me one morning why I looked like I wasn’t feeling well. I explained why, and she told me not to intellectualize it, but feel it. I did not know how, so she told me to make a sound from that feeling. When I did, I started hyperventilating. That is when I knew, this feeling I carried all my life, was the pain I took on my from mother. The core of my mother’s panic was about the fear of not existing, as she grew up in a family where women were less important. I too felt like I did not exist throughout my life.

It is the feeling of not existing that lied in my subconscious since feeling it in my mother as a child.  When I learned to heal this memory in my subconscious, I no longer was controlled by it. I am now able to live out the gift I was created to be.

My practice is called Heal From the Ground Up because the work I do with my clients is about healing the root of it all. Whatever issue you would like to resolve, it is always important to heal the core of it all. Because it is the unhealed core that is subconsciously controlling your every thought, feeling and action.


There are many physical health problems in our world because our medical system focuses on treating the surface of our health problems while ignoring the root of it. Ever want to know why we get cancer, heart attacks, acid reflux, and all our other physical ailments? Instead of only relying on medications to treat the symptom, why not achieve true health in healing the root of it all? My specialties include:

  1. Digestion
  2. Cardiovascular disease
  3. Medication induced nutrient depletions
  4. Hormonal balance
  5. Candida overgrowth
  6. Holistic cancer care
  7. Stress & insomnia
  8. Diabetes
  9. Detoxification
  10. Root Cause Analysis: pinpointing the root cause(s) to your physical ailments



Note: Global purpose is not included in your private sessions, unless requested. It is primarily part of the work I do in the community. 

My vision for Heal From the Ground Up is to create a movement of physical healing, emotional healing and global healing.  Coming together is what makes us alive, whole and human. We can no longer live separate lives because we are connected and part of the greater whole. Humanity is who we are. To care for humanity is to care for ourselves.


I offer in person coaching services at my office located at 18702 Colima Road Suite 103, Rowland Heights and I offer online coaching services via phone/skype/facetime. The quality of online coaching services do not differ from in person coaching session.


If you would like to learn more or set up a private session with me please call (626) 253-4728 or email me at michael@healfromthegroundup.com . I offer complimentary ten minute coaching sessions weekdays Monday-Thursday at 7:30pm PST


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